Stained Glass


Yokum Designs Stained Glass is the ongoing work of Dan Yokum and Virginia Marques. Located in the beautiful Finger Lakes region of Ithaca, NY, they have been creating stained glass windows and panels for over 25 years and have pieces displayed worldwide in homes and businesses.

Dan’s artistic background and experiences are many and varied. They include: running a stained and fused glass business; teaching art in public schools, prisons, and adult ed. classes; working the crafts fair circuit in the Northeast; immersion in the graphic design field for over 20 years.

Among other pursuits, Virginia was a wax caster in an art foundry, has extensive experience refinishing and restoring furniture, and works in design and fabric.

Each glass piece is carefully assembled using either the copper foil or lead came method, and skillfully soldered with internal, rigid structural supports throughout if needed. Only the best glass is used. Where painting is part of the design, the centuries old method of hand painting and kiln firing is used to permanently fuse the painted images into the glass. All windows are available in a zinc frame, or for a custom charge, we will have a woodworker create a hand crafted hardwood frame (finished or unfinished), both with hooks for hanging. For a custom architectural installation as an insert, the window will be framed in H channel lead. Sizes can be customized. All work will be expertly packed and shipped fully insured. Pick up is also available.

Yokum Designs was created with the vision that “small is better”. We are able to offer quick and personal service to each of our clients, working closely with them to give them the results they want. Rather than spending our time managing the bureaucracy of a sprawling company, we put our efforts into delivering top quality work, quick turn around, all with a one on one approach. When we do need outside assistance, we have highly qualified experts we will call in. Please look through our portfolio pages for an idea of past and current work.

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